l’Odyssée Frank martin



50 years after the composer’s death, experience a new voyage of discovery into his entire body of work.

© Thomas Mohler

2024 to 2026, pieces and places. Over three consecutive musical seasons, well-versed aficionados and new listeners alike will be invited to take part in an audacious new musical adventure, born of pure passion: The Frank Martin Odyssey. Their guides on this musical expedition will be a succession of ensembles, mostly from Geneva, who will lead them step by step through this adventure. The majority of concerts will take place in the city and Canton of Geneva and its environs. A number of performances will be held elsewhere in Switzerland and abroad.

Musical and creative partners. The performance of Martin’s work will for the most part be entrusted to the Frank Martin Orchestra, which is being formed for this very purpose. In the spirit of inclusivity, we have reached out to creative partners from a variety of diverse backgrounds. In keeping with Frank Martin’s eclectic style, which was open to a vast world of artistic influences, our project partners run the gamut of creative endeavours: from classical music and jazz to brass bands, all the way to dance and even literature. Most Geneva-based musical ensembles will be including at least one Frank Martin piece in their seasons.

The team. The executive management of the project has been entrusted to Lydie Lane, the event production management to Maxime Van Heghe and the ticketing to Célia Cano.

The Frank Martin Orchestra, conducted by Thierry Fischer, is a collaborative ensemble that brings together accomplished musicians from major orchestras in the Lake Geneva region and outstanding freelance artists. With an emphasis on inclusivity, the orchestra is not only a platform for seasoned professionals but also welcomes aspiring talents, including students from Geneva’s Haute école de musique.

© Morgane Meys

We are dedicated to musical education and professional integration. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to reach out to us at

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