l’Odyssée Frank martin



One aim: to transmit, instil appreciation for, encourage the performance of and inspire a desire to disseminate the composer’s work to a wider audience.

© Jacques Thévoz

The artistic and cultural aim of the Frank Martin Odyssey Association (Association l’Odyssée Frank Martin) centres on three axes. These act as invitations to bring to life and to as wide an audience as possible a commemorative musical cycle that incorporates many different points of view and creative approaches in order to ensure its enjoyment by the greatest possible number of people.

One vision. 50 years after his death, to celebrate Frank Martin and share unique musical moments by showcasing, over three consecutive seasons and for the first time ever, the entirety of his body of work.

One mission. Through a commitment to memory, inclusion, heritage and cultural mediation, to



throughout Geneva and elsewhere, Frank Martin, his music, his spirit, and his artistic world.

Our values. As inspired by the spirit of Frank Martin himself:






Created in 2022, the Association boasts a managing committee possessing diverse and complementary abilities and a proven track record:

Didier Schnorhk, President
Sylvie Lambelet, Vice-President
Pascal Besnard, Acting Treasurer
Céline Evéquoz Troillet, Committee Member
Denis Martin, Committee Member
Véronique Sieber Monnet, Committee Member
Micheline Louis-Courvoisier, Committee Member

If you would like to become a member of our association, please contact us at

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